Musicians claim music is universal. Yes, I agree it to be so true especially when our non-human musicians are considered.  When nature plays her chords, everything falls in place. We humans can imagine and create scenes from sounds. Just like the flowing water, rustling leaves, stridulating crickets and gushing wind are sounds creating an effect of a lonely calm night, varied chirps and whistles of birds recalls beautiful and energized mornings. It does mean that these sounds are important and palpable. So as you all know to make the best out of my mornings, I have been walking and talking along with the birds around me but most importantly listening to them very curiously. Whether it’s a cheep, chirp, whistle, hoot or caw, everything has a meaning. Not that I have learnt everything, but after dating these lovelies for a while (DATING!, well what do you call when one has been meeting one every day and for a long time 😎), I think I have got to know them a bit. Fortunately I am able to identify most of the campus birds by their calls or songs and am quick on my feet to find a new one. The thrill of meeting someone new is just invigorating (Remember we are just dating and not in a relationship.. 😉). That is what has motivated me to create this blog where we shall be encountering and discussing the most common yet unnoticed or less noticed bird calls of the campus. One may ask ‘What good would it do to me?’ Believe me, it brings in a great change. The exercise itself increases concentration in young brains and relieves any amount of stress. More importantly it creates positive attitude towards life when one starts appreciating their beauty and simplicity.

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  1. Simply awesome. This is ideal example of incredible devotion of devotee of subject Zoology Dr Manasi Mukherjee. I am.amazed to the kind of passion and effort put into it.

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